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(For the un-educated elf)

Story of the elves

There are many creation stories of how the elven race came about. Elves and magic originated close to the same time, and it was only later that the creation of humans, dwarves and other lesser races came about. Although interesting, the following is where we are at today as this world often becomes a confusing place. There are four primary branches of the elven race, most common being the high elves, then gray and wood elves and unfortunately, dark, drow elves. Elves tend to be a bit slimmer than most humans, and depending upon variety, either taller or shorter than humans, but rarely an average height. They do not have facial hair. (Although some elves have been seen with beard disguises) The spoken language is one that is as flowing as a melodic brook. An elf may live to be older than 1,200 years and is generally about 130 before he earns the stature of being accepted as mature by other elves. It is very rare, if ever, that an elf is ever known to pass from this life due to the wearing of years. Before that happens, they become compelled to depart the realms of men. Where they go is uncertain. Elves are generally not evil, with few exceptions such as the drow. Most would be considered neutral as the world is seen more as gray or a balance of good and evil, life and death. Often times there will be a tendency to lean towards being good, just because of the caring of others and nature. Elves are quite handsome and have a greater appreciation for nature\rquote s beauty, dancing and singing. Their humor is clever, as well as is their song and poetry.As compared to human and dwarves, elves are generally brave and not foolhardy. Their common drink is, unless of course a good Fey wine would happen to be available that of mead, preferably heated to a blood warm temperature. Drinking to the excess is uncommon, although there are times when a bit of Fey wine or a bit of Dwarven spirits are misjudged. Ale is a very uncommon and somewhat bitter beverage. However some of us have traveled so much with the dwarven clan, a slight taste has been acquired in order to become a gracious acceptor of an offered mug. Relationships with humans is often times distant. Whether it is by choice or that a human is often hasty, indecisive, and comparatively short lived is questionable. Dwarves are competent allies and some make good friends, but they have different lifestyles that are not generally compatible with elves. Elves do not care for the caverns, caves or mines that our dwarf neighbors are so fond of. To some other races, elves are sometimes considered aloof, snooty and frivolous and have personalities that are impossible to fathom. In fact they are not, perhaps because of their longevity. Elves have learned the benefits of patients before passing judgment and take time before making judgments. This is also why the waiting period before acceptance into the Grey Company is generally one month. For an elf to not even have patience that long sometimes shows traces of having spent to much times with the other races and their values. Although they do not make friends easily, elves consider oftentimes associates and friends as near equals. An elf-friend is a very close, dear and honorary title that is difficult to earn and given to those who are stoic, honorable and follow many elven ways. Likewise, an enemy of the elves is never forgotten, especially the evil ones of the woods. All and all it becomes apparent why the elves have always endured throughout the years and are the most superior of races. With values, pure hearts, respect, honor and closely held blood ties, the elven race will continue far long after man has gone. Elven holidays Yenearsira - Winter Solstice, the Elven new year. A day of rebirth. Sheelala - A day of games and practical jokes celebrated in early spring. Ehtele'mele - Vernal equinox. A week of romance and song. Faradome - Summer Solstice. A celebration of the battle between Corellon and Gruumsh One-Eye. A night of orc hunting. Yavieba - Autumnal equinox. A week of reflection and a time to remember those who have left this world. Most important decisions and judgments are made during this week. Favorite Elven Wines Saerloonian Glowfire-pale wine, luminous, taste reminiscent of pears. Saerloonian Topaz-yellow amber wine w/ nutty quality and bold fruit overtones.Mead-sweet wine of fermented honey. Elverquisst- a ruby-colored liquor magically distilled from sunshine and rare summer fruits. Utterly smooth, the liquor is nonetheless flecked with gold and has an iridescence of both color and flavor. It is highly prized at all times, but in the autumn rituals it is savored as if it is the gift of one final, perfect summer day.\par \pard Evermead-THE elven mead, imported from evermeet. The one to which all others are compared and found wanting Clarry-table wine blend sweetened w/ honey and spices. Arabellan Dry-fine red wine, very dry woodsy overtones and a slight berry taste. Berdruskan Dark-heavy sweet and burning, almost black, HIGH alcohol content. Morimatra-a spiced wine favored by the Drow. Other Items Of Interest Kholiast-elven card game consisting of a 1000 card deck, dice and a very difficult method of counting points. A high elf favorite. Shalaquin-long necked elven instrument, plucked or strummed string tension is controlled by a ratcheting wheel